Project Breast Control

My Mission

 As a Breast Cancer Thriver it is my mission to change the way Breast Cancer is viewed. 

As I travel through cancer land I was never told about the pit stops along the way.

 I endeavor to reach out to other women who are newly diagnosed and let them know what lies ahead.

 I'd also like to let them know that we are not the sums of our body parts.

 I will continue to Live Out Loud and On Purpose until every six minutes a woman isn't diagnosed and every twelve minutes a woman doesn't die. 


We Have Been There and We Know How You Feel


PROJECT BREAST CONTROL  is a nonprofit organization that supports women on their journey of breast cancer.

At PROJECT BREAST CONTROL, we endeavor to support women on their journey where it matters the most.

A. The moment you find a lump we are there to support you. We have staff members who will accommodate you every step of the way. We will be with you during the testing and thereafter.

B. The moment you hear those awful three words " YOU HAVE CANCER" we will be there with you and for you.

C. The moment you have prep we will be there. We will be there when you have surgery and when you wake up in recovery.

D. When you are released from the hospital we will be there to assist you when you return home. From your house cleaning needs to meal preparation. We will be there.

E. During chemotherapy treatment we will be there to sit with you during treatment we will be there.

At PROJECT BREAST CONTROL we are committed to supporting you on your journey through Cancer Land.


Support Services before, during and after being diagnosed.

Referral Services

Hospital support

In home support services